Be a Hero–Not Only Fill Their Stockings but Fill Their Hearts This Christmas

Be a Hero–Not Only Fill Their Stockings but Fill Their Hearts This Christmas


Be a Hero. Not Only Fill their Stockings, but Fill their Hearts this Christmas

Blog written by: E. Leraaen

Let’s be honest, you more than likely aren’t even midway through your shopping list for this holiday season and probably have some hard to shop for people left on that list.  There may have been some stellar deals scored over Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday that you can brag about, but we know you, you still need to do some more shopping. No more procrastinating; let’s figure this out!

Our modern society is already stressful, but this time of year becomes even more stressful for most people.  Between holiday parties, buying presents, your kid’s holiday concert and trying to remember to move that obnoxious Elf on the Shelf before your kids call you out on it, you’re maxed out.  And as good as it sounds to wallow your Christmas cheer in a vat of brandy laced eggnog, we’ve got everyone on your list covered.

The Beauty of Seventh Sojourn products as gifts is that they are handmade with love.  You heard me, love.  What’s more special than that?   Your recipient is going to instantly realize that you took the time to find them a one of a kind, special, handmade gift.  This, in turn, will make you a one of a kind gift giver (aka, their hero!).  These gifts aren’t the synthetic type of products that most people are accustomed to using.  These products are made with many natural ingredients and fragrances. The difference will be noticed immediately.  Countless hours have been spent trying to perfect each formula, so your recipient can enjoy a high-quality product.  And the biggest benefit, you’re not going to offend medium sized Molly by getting her an X-Large Christmas sweater that she’ll hate and want to return.  You didn’t even save the receipt, did you?

We have some ideas that will be sure to please Molly and everyone else on your holiday list.

One Size Fits All Gift Giving Ideas for Everyone

1.       Lipschtick.  It’s not chapstick, it’s not lipstick, it’s better. Find out exactly what they are here: There are so many flavors to choose from and you can help them keep those scaly lizard lips away.  Great little stocking stuffers at the right price.  Pucker up Buttercup!

2.       Bath Salts.  Think tranquility at home.  After a long, stressful day, bath salts are poured into a nice warm, relaxing bath. Watch all the tension and stress wash away. 

3.       Sugar Scrub.  It smells divine and removes that old coat of dead skin that listlessly hangs off the body.  Silky and smooth, just like a baby’s bottom.

4.       French Clay Mask.  It detoxifies the skin, lifting out impurities and oil.  This is an amazing little product.

5.       Massage Lotion.  Our motto: A nice slow massage can bring sunshine (and passion!) to even the rainiest (or snowiest) day. Stir the senses and stimulate the soul with the different fragrances. This gift could also turn into a very unexpected gift for you.  We’re rooting for you, buddy!

6.       Super Mint. For anyone with a headache or migraine during the holidays or at any time.  Instead of popping a pill, this powerful little stick is packed with essential oils that penetrate the nerve clusters that cause tension and pain.    

We have gifts for everyone.  You can even create an at home spa day experience by placing your favorite items into a nice basket that is tied up with a bow!  It’ll be a perfect tension releasing, relaxation gift right after the holiday season or a reason for your Secret Santa to start a self-care regimen in the New Year.  There are several more items that would make thoughtful gifts or stocking stuffers for those on your list.

And once you’re done shopping, maybe you should reward yourself with a nice, warm relaxing bath filled with those exhilarating bath salts and a little brandy laced eggnog for a job well done.  Ahhh…now doesn’t that feel nice?

Cheers to all in the upcoming Holiday Season!

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