About Us

The Founders

Seventh Sojourn was founded in 1998 from the dreams and vision of Melissa and Bryan.  We were fans of natural soaps and body products long before we tried making our own.  We are both extremely creative people and expressing that through body products came naturally to us.  It all started one morning with Bryan sitting up in bed and saying “I’d like to try making soap.”  Missy wasn’t sure if Bryan was serious, but this statement set us on the path of discovery that eventually led to our famous soap recipe!

The standard we set for ourselves regarding our soaps was simple: create a product of the highest quality that we would go out of our way to buy.   We became self-taught artisans who threw ourselves into learning about making every kind of body care product possible. 

Our journey into creating personal care products has evolved into tasty lip balms, relaxing bath salts, exfoliating body scrubs, migraine relief, pain relief, wonderful massage oils, acne fighting french clay masques, moistening lotions, natural deodorant (because aluminum in your arm pits is terrible idea!), and a bevy of man-products (because caring for a beard and mustache is just a good idea).  Our most recent creations include our Anxiety Relief (self explanatory) and Glamour (confidence) roll-ons.

We are always looking to create something new, and our fans have been instrumental in this process by requesting things we’ve never thought of.  Keep the requests coming!