Collection: Ask Body Spray

We’ve always known that fragrance is powerful. Without saying a word, it communicates a great deal both to others and to yourself. Am I happy and playful? Am I confident and sexy? Do I just want to enhance my appearance with an accompanying fragrance? What do I want the world to notice about me?

Smell says so very many things, and we’ve done our part over the past two decades to offer fragrant options in the bath (soap, salts and body scrubs) and subtly skin (lotion and massage oil).  Now, after many requests for a fragrance that “lasts all day”, we proudly present ASK Body Spray.  Simply spray it on and you’ll enjoy an intoxicating scent for hours and hours.  It’ll say a lot about you to others, and reinforce these feelings to yourself.

So, make a statement with our body spray.  And remember, to get to consent, you need to ASK!

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