Beardvember: What You Need to Know in November Abut Your Glorious Beard

Beardvember: What You Need to know in November About Your Glorious Beard

Blog written by: E. Leraaen

It’s that time of year when your facial hair is celebrated more than any other month of the year.  We’ve all heard of Movember and No Shave November, but what’s the difference? 

Movember not only focuses on growing your man ‘stache, but they are the leading charity changing the face of men’s health (  Not only do they look at men’s health issues like prostrate and testicular cancer, but also mental health and suicide prevention.  No Shave November has a similar concept, but they ask that you grow out all your hair to create a conversation and raise cancer awareness (  The money you typically spend on your hair maintenance program they encourage you to donate to a cancer foundation.  Beardvember is gaining popularity and has become the brother of Movember and No Shave November.  Beardvember celebrates the beard and bringing awareness to men’s health as well.

Since you deserve to be celebrated, we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss what purpose your beard serves along with how to ensure your beard is a luscious as possible. 

Ladies dig the well-kept beard.

Ladies dig the well-kept beard.

Benefits of the Beard

1.       With winter upon us, it keeps your face warm.  You can ditch your scarf because you have your own manmade insulation.

2.       Less Wrinkles.  Your beard helps protect you from the sun and harmful UV rays.  This means less sun damage and lessens your risk of skin cancer.

3.       It is a natural filter.  It can collect pollen and dust, helping to keep it clear from your nasal passages.

4.       Increased confidence.  You can reinvent yourself and change the style of your beard.  Behold the Power of the Beard.

5.       Ladies love beards and so do dudes.

First impressions mean everything, so you should put your best beard forward.  Not only for others, but for yourself.  Beard conditioners can help you achieve the look and feel of beard perfection.

the beard dream.PNG

Benefits of Seventh Sojourn Beard Conditioner 

1.       It’s made with all-natural ingredients like Abyssinian Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil. Need I say more?

2.       Stop the itching!  It helps to lessen the itch when growing out your beautiful beard by moisturizing your skin and softening the hair follicle.

3.       It minimizes split ends.  It helps keep the damage at bay for a soft and supple beard.

4.       Beardruff.  No one likes to see flakes in your beard. No one.  Beard conditioner minimizes dandruff by keeping your skin moisturized to prevent dry skin and those pesky flakes.

5.       It tames the beard, keeping it softer and more manageable.  Just because you look like a lumberjack doesn’t mean your beard needs to feel as rough as one.

6.       It makes your beard shiny. Like a beacon in the night it calls to those around it beckoning them to come closer.

7.       The smell.  Smell evokes emotion. It’s like Love Potion #9 for your beard.  We have several flavors for your nose ( ).

November isn’t only a time to grow out your beard and brag to your buddies about your man mane, but a time to focus on your health and give back to others if you are able.  Take care of yourself and take care of that glorious beard.  You and your beard are worth it.

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