Bristol Renaissance Faire - Facebook Live Event!

We’re so sad about the cancellation of many renaissance festivals (all of these ones have been cancelled - Mystorical kindly made a list ) around the US, they’re always such a huge part of our summer, not to mention our income. Each year, you can usually find us at Scarborough Renaissance Festival which we’ve been at for 12+ years, Bristol Renaissance Festival which we’ve been going to for 20+ years and Minnesota Renaissance Festival which we’ve been at for 15+ years. We miss the friendly faces we see every year, the soap eaters (you know who you are!) and dressing up.

Earlier this year, thankfully, we were able to sell our Scarborough Renaissance Festival limited edition soaps online. You can still purchase a few we have left!

This weekend, after the cancellation of Bristol Renaissance Faire, we decided we wanted to do something special and have an excuse to create our soap shop and dress up so we’ll be hosting Facebook live events all weekend to make it feel like a semblance of the festivals at least. Join us on the following days and times:

You can find them all on our Facebook Live tab on our Facebook Page.

We will be showcasing our limited edition soaps that we usually sell at Bristol Renaissance Faire, having some fun, dressing up and creating our shop experience virtually.

We hope you’re staying safe and well, and can join us for the festive fun this weekend!


Melissa and Bryan

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