Does Soap Lather Make You Cleaner?

A good soap lather feels great on your skin when it mixes with a cascade of water, but does it really make you cleaner?

Soap Lather DOES Make You Cleaner!

Scientists say that the main purpose of soap lather is to suspend dirt, grease, and grime by creating a great amount of surface tension in water. The friction of washing our skin traps dirt for easy removal while rinsing.

Is More Lather Better?

NO. In fact, handmade soaps such as ours create a clean, clear lather with plenty of glycerin for moisturizing. If you can feel a solid layer of lather covering the washed area, you are perfectly lathered and ready to rinse!

Some big box detergent soaps contain foaming agents suchas lauryl sulfate, cocamide DEA, TEA, and MEA. These chemicals are put in the soap purely to create a thick white lather that ultimately does more harm than good.


Tip: If you suffer from acne, reduce lather to a bare-minimum and work your way up to find the perfect amount. Controlling acne hinges on a delicate balance of good skin oils and clean skin so you want to avoid over-washing and drying your skin out.


If you are using handmade soaps and feeling dry after showering, you may have over-washed. To prevent that dry feeling, simply reduce the lather until you find your ideal amount.

Seventh Sojourn Lather

Our soaps have been praised time and again for their lather because they are tallow-based. Tallow creates a clean, clear lather that leaves your skin feeling moisturized after rinsing.

Tip: For an extra lathery experience, try our Bonsai Bubbles Soap!

In short, lather serves an important purpose in cleaning you during shower time but does not need to be extremely visible or thick. Stay away from foaming agents and start with a minimal lather if you have delicate skin. Lastly, avoid over-washing if your skin is feeling dry.

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