Scarborough Renaissance Festival Specialty Soaps (Roman Bath)

Every year for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival and Texas Renaissance Festival, our friends at Roman Bath commission us to create a variety of unique limited edition soaps just for these two shows. They are unique to Roman Bath and we do not normally offer them for sale at our own Renaissance Festivals (Bristol or Minnesota) and do not offer them through our online store. These limited edition soaps sell out every year and many festival-goers make it a point to get out to the show as early as possible so they can get their pick of the litter of these special soaps.

This year is different, however, because 2020 will not have a Scarborough Renaissance Festival for us to enjoy. Due to this, Roman Bath has agreed to let us sell their specially commissioned soaps through our online store. Huzzah! We may not get to enjoy Scarborough Renaissance Festival this season, but you can still get the soapy goodies you know, love, and eagerly wait for each and every year.

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I bought 12 bars of soap. 6 for me and 6 for my sister. Unfortunately the soap I got my sister she did not like. I was wondering if I come in this Saturday, can i exchange the bars if soap? We love the soap, I just didn’t pick good smells for my sister.

Roshonda Streck

I’m looking for the angel scent bath products

Caren E Powell

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