Seventh Sojourn Donates Products to Sing It Forward Event

Seventh Sojourn has made a long-standing commitment to a multitude of different causes in their 20 Year history, and 2018 marks yet another year of giving back to their community. 

Celebrating their 37th anniversary, the Twin Cities Gay Men's Choir (TCGMC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer community chorus whose mission is "Gay Men Building Community Through Music." Their website ( also clearly details what the TCGMC hopes to achieve:

"Working towards the elimination of homophobia and intolerance through community outreach."


Perhaps one of TCGMC's most fun events of the year, Sing It Forward creates an atmosphere of fun and friendly competition through music! Participants join in an online fundraiser to see who can raise the most funds. The top six fundraisers performed at the Sing It Forward event that was held on Friday, May 18, 2018 at Profile Event Center. The event also featured cocktails, heavy appetizers, games, live entertainment, and... a silent auction featuring Seventh Sojourn products!

A spokesperson for the event added, "The event turned out very well. We did some new things this year that were fun!" The TCGMC went on to add that the Seventh Sojourn products went over quite well, and were auctioned above initial value. 

Bryan Penney, co-owner of Seventh Sojourn added, "We are proud to be an ally to the TCGMC and are glad the products were warmly recieved."

To learn more about the TCGMC and their events, click this link

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