Seventh Sojourn Holiday Gift Guide

Seventh Sojourn Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling to think what to buy your loved ones for the holidays? You can’t go wrong with our soap and skincare products, and we have something for everyone - from beard products to special holiday soaps to relaxing bath salts. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you!

We also have a holiday sale where you can receive a 20% discount on orders of $36 or more through until December 9 at 11:59pm CT. So start shopping now!

For the men in your life

  • Beard Comb - for that man in your life with a bountiful beard, treat him to a beard comb that he can take with him on the go and keep those whiskers smooth at all times.

  • Beard Conditioner - a small amount of our beard condition will leave his chin mane with a softness and scent that he’ll (and you’ll love). Dragon’s Blood scent is a fan favorite!

  • Spicy Ice Muscle Relief - is your man a gym fanatic? Or he’s feeling the creaks and pains? Spicy Ice is an all natural, sore joint and muscle gel that works like anything you can get at your local pharmacy, but without the burn.

  • Fierce Beast Ask Body Spray - Make a statement with our body spray.  And remember, to get to consent, you need to ASK! This fragrance is quickly becoming a favorite among men and the women who love their fierce men! Feel fierce all day long with this natural body spray.

  • Magnetism Natural Deodorant - Our 100% all-natural, aluminum free deodorant smells great and is a perfect option for those who experience irritation from big brand products. These products have gotten major positive reviews. Our customers are telling us that these natural deodorants are the best they have ever used!

  • Soaps for men

    • Arabian Spice Soap - Arabian Spice soap is delightfully spicy and smooth, boasting the astringent value of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg and the warming characteristics of fresh ginger. This soap is scented with fragrance oil.

    • Mint Condition Soap - Our Mint Condition Soap is created using peppermint and spearmint essential oils. It has been known to improve oil secretion, making it an effective moisturizing soap. Other uses include treating sunburn and soothing your feet after a long day of work. Try Mint Condition today and find out why this soap has been part of our offerings since we opened for business over 20 years ago!

    • White Spice and Cedar Soap - White Spice & Cedar Soap is popular for its spicy and woody fragrance. Clove, ginger and cinnamon make up the spice notes. The woody component is cedar wood, sandalwood, and amber frankincense.

Gifts to make her feel special

  • Glamour Oil - Our Glamour Oil is designed to give you a boost of confidence when you need it. It has all essential oils and smells different on everyone based on your pheromones. Whether you are competing, going for a job interview, or are settling down to meditate, this oil works wonders!

  • Body Balm - Our body butter will help repair dry, cracked skin by healing from underneath the skin. Used for sunburn, stretch marks, eczema, dry skin, scars, tattoos, and overall skin rejuvenation. Try it once and you will be hooked. Not to mention, your skin will thank you for it!

  • Bath Salts - Our bath salts are made from fine sea salt and are potently fragranced with some of our favorite scents! Add a few tablespoons to any bath to make it a stimulating aromatic experience.

  • Sugar Scrubs - Our exfoliating sugar scrubs are gentle on the skin and can be used anywhere on your body. Many women very much enjoy using them to aid in shaving.

  • Soaps she’ll love

    • Almond Kiss Soap - Our all natural, handmade Almond Kiss Soap is lauded for its intoxicating scent, making it one of our most popular blends over the last 20 years. Almond Kiss Soap is primarily used for exfoliation, removing dead skin cells from the top layer and reducing blemish outbreaks.

    • Champagne and Sugar Soap - Champagne & Sugar Soap is a delightful and intoxicating combination of spicy, sweet, and crisp citrus. This soap contains natural berry tea from our friends at Tea Source, making it a great choice for exfoliating during bath and shower time.

    • Exotic Grapefruit - Our unique twist on a popular fragrance, Exotic Grapefruit Soap is bright and energizing. This soap contains all natural teas and botanicals to give it a natural exfoliating quality.

    • Scarlet Letter Soap - The fragrance is unique and bursts with red pomegranate notes. If you enjoy being told that you smell great, then you want to try Scarlet Letter Soap!

Not sure what to get?

Not sure what to get someone? Or want to put a smile on someone’s face? Buy them a Seventh Sojourn digital gift card. This digital gift card creates a unique code, the recipient can enter the code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.

Wishing you and yours a happy holidays!

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