Seventh Sojourn Summer Picks

Seventh Sojourn Summer Picks

With Summer on the way, it's time to freshen up with some citrus scents, cool down with our spray, and generally feel fruity. Here are a few of our fave summer scents and products.

Exotic Grapefruit Lotion

You'll feel a whole new kind of softness in dryness-prone spots. And it smells darn good, too! Our unique twist on a popular fragrance, Exotic Grapefruit is bright and energizing.

Pineapple Soap

Give yourself a tropical vacation with this succulent, juicy, fresh-picked pineapple handmade soap. This fragrance is simply bursting with pure juicy pineapple notes and nothing else to interfere with its pure pineapple scent. This zesty scent even gets a bit stronger as it ages — and it starts out plenty strong!

Cold Snap Spray

This all natural spray will cool you down on those hot summer days! We found that it is great for itchy scalps, hot flashes, and works really, really well to enhance the Super Mint. This is a wonder product!

Fresh Lime Natural Deodorant

Just like the title states, this product smells like freshly squeezed lime. Not too strong, but just right to keep you smelling great all day.

What are you favorite Seventh Sojourn summer products?

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