Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice: That's What Valentine's Are Made Of

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice: That's What Valentine's Are Made Of

To many people out there, Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark-obsessed holiday where over-priced greeting cards and roses are traded over a romantic, candlelit table-for-two, complete with a little bubbly and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. You and your sweetheart stare adoringly into each other’s eyes, share obligatory sweet nothings, and wonder silently why anyone would put the raspberry filling inside a perfectly good truffle.

And in my opinion, this all sounds delightful! I mean really, what other day of the year do you have a great excuse to be a full-on cheese-ball with your one and only? You feel like a princess for the day, wearing red lacey unmentionables for his/her eyes only, and get to be showered in an all-things ooey-gooey cupid lovefest! It’s an absolutely fabulous made-for-Lifetime movie channel (minus the cheating husband of course.)

My most favorite part of this decadent holiday is the gifts you exchange with your sweetie. I don’t mind the staples, but for me, the more creative gifts always win me over. A love letter or something handcrafted just adds that special touch. What I really want on Valentine’s Day is something to make me feel loved long after February 14th passes.

Something I would recommend this year are Seventh Sojourn Sugar Scrubs. I personally love the sweet and subtle smells of Scarlett Letter and Champagne & Sugar scrubs. These names also lend themselves quite nicely to the upcoming heart-shaped holiday.

When I’m getting ready for a special date, I always use the sugar scrub to make my skin feel soft, dewy, and smooth. When my skin feels supple and soft, I feel confident, sexy, and ready for a night on the town or curled up at home with my sweetie binge-watching the latest Netflix craze. Either way, these sugar scrubs are my secret inner beauty-queen-super-power.

I’ve tried a lot of scrubs, body polishes, and products that promise that silky-to-the-touch feel, but nothing comes close to Seventh Sojourn scrubs. While a little goes a long way, that doesn’t stop me from using more. The natural exfoliants in the sugar give me that spa-like feeling of pampering myself. I scrub from head to toe, and even use a little on my face and hair…yes, hair! When I’m done with my shower, I step out like I’m on my own little private runway. I feel happy, clean, and bold. I don’t know about the promises this product makes, but I swear it has a blurring effect on skin imperfections. Just in time for wearing something a little strappy or leggy for Valentine’s Day!

So this year, do the wine, do the flowers, or something glitzy if you're so inclined, but make sure to tell your man that your expected gift bag should have your favorite sugar scrubs by Seventh Sojourn. It just may end up being your favorite Valentine’s gift, next to him of course.

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