This Seventh Sojourn Product Is A Favorite of Expecting Mommas

This Seventh Sojourn Product Is A Favorite of Expecting Mommas

It’s spring and for many expecting moms, the melting snow acts like an hourglass to the countdown of your little bundle-of-joy’s arrival! Winter has officially passed, and you take great comfort in knowing that you won’t be rushed to the delivery room through a treacherous snowfall!

But, there ARE concerns on every soon-to-be mommy’s mind as your body changes.  For women who are experiencing this, it can be distressing.  Your cute baby bump and beautiful glow has everyone swooning, but being your own worst critic, you are worried about unsightly stretch marks.

And those belly itches!  As your due date nears, you may feel uncomfortable as your baby takes up more real estate.  The discomfort may worsen if your belly itches, and that is no fun!  

Seventh Sojourn Body Butter can ward off or greatly reduce the likelihood of stretch marks (depending of frequency of use and skin type) and greatly relieves those belly itches! To understand why our Body Butter works, we first need to understand what happens when stretch marks and belly itches become an issue.


The Science Behind Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the skin called the “dermis” is stretched beyond what your skin is meant to tolerate, changing the shape and size your body was naturally built to maintain. As a result, red strips known as “striaerubrae” or stretch marks become visible on the surface.


What About the Itching?

The itching occurs during the stretching process. Whether you end up with visible stretch marks or not, your belly skin is stretching and with it comes the itches.  While genetics may play a role in stretch marks, our Body Butter may keep those tiger stripes at bay! The hydrating and moisturizing qualities of the shea butter and coconut oil in our Body Butter turns the itches into a pleasant message of a soft belly within minutes!



Why Does Our Body Butter Work?

Seventh Sojourn Body Butter contains a wonderful mixture of Shea Butter, Emu Oil, Bee's Wax, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil in our base ingredients. The result is a product that promotes healthy skin hydration, protecting and softening the skin’s complexion and helping it to accommodate the changes and growth your body will endure.


How to Use It

The best thing about this product is the earlier (in your pregnancy) and more often you use it, the better results you will see! If you are using it during pregnancy, be aware of other areas (arms and legs) that might also be affected.

If you are using it post-pregnancy to try to erase stretch marks, apply it to the affected areas at least 3 times a day. Continue to use as needed.

Be sure to rub it in thoroughly to reduce any oily sensations. The more you focus on rubbing it deep into the skin the better chance you will reach that “dermis” skin layer where the problem exists.


What Mommas Are Saying

Reviews are rolling in and I have a very great review sitting nearby; my wife, Renee. She started using Seventh Sojourn Body Butter early in the pregnancy and might not stop even after. She loves how soft and silky the product is—she said it works like nothing else out there!  She feels like she found a hidden gem.

Finding a product that protects your skin while hydrating, moisturizing, and promoting skin softness all-in-one is tough to find. And when my wife finds something that improves her skin quality such as Seventh Sojourn’s Body Butter, she becomes a lifer!

Congratulations to all of you who are expecting! As a family that is experiencing this wild ride too, we know how excited you must be and hope that your pregnancy is wonderful…and comfortable!

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