What Has SuperMint Migraine and Headache Balm Done For Our Customers?

What Has SuperMint Migraine and Headache Balm Done For Our Customers?

The greatest benefit of creating the products we do here at Seventh Sojourn is to have the opportunity to help so many people. 

When we started Seventh Sojourn over 20 years ago, we did so because we fell in love with handmade soap. And even then, we quickly started to realize how much our little creations could impact someone's life! You only have to look at Justin's Testimonial about how our soap cured his adult acne (permanently) to see why this business became so rewarding to us!

And these kinds of reactions to the soap made us slightly addicted to helping people. Soon, we started looking at other products that we could create using healthy ingredients that would also make other positive impacts on people's lives. 

It was from this strong desire to bring relief to customers that SuperMint Migraine and Headache Balm was born!

Now, we could go on and on about why you should try SuperMint, and how effective it is for your migraines and headaches. But we don't think we could say it better than our customers have. And boy, have they ever. From reviews to testimonials, our customers have done us the honor of sharing their SuperMint results and experiences and this feedback makes us excited to help more people! 

Want To Try SuperMint On Your Migraines and Headaches?

In the past, we have had folks contact us and ask for samples. We would love to provide samples, but SuperMint has to be in the right kind of container for proper application. Small sample-sized containers can also be very expensive in today's economy. 

So we had another idea. We would like to offer you $4 OFF of your first bottle of SuperMint! By making your first-time-use a little more affordable, we are hoping you give SuperMint a chance to be the ally you need in times of migraine and headache discomfort. 

Just use this coupon code at checkout: SUPERMINT2024

And finally, if you are wondering more about how SuperMint works and how to apply it, check out this informational video:

 IMPORTANT: Consult a medical professional if you have any concerns about whether SuperMint is right for you. Some medical conditions may require extra precautions before adding SuperMint or any other new products to your relief routine. Seventh Sojourn Inc. does not make any claims of SuperMint as a cure or a stand-alone treatment. We intend to give you another tool to try in times of headache and migraine pain. 

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